Client story

Isos creates a unique space in the tech industry

While Isos boasts a work-from-home culture worth bragging about, the one problem was incentivizing its workforce to actually come into the office. The company wanted to foster a collaborative community, and express its creative culture in a space located in the Tempe area.

Seeking employee feedback every step of the way, Isos sought to create a unique office space employees could proudly call home. Their office built-in many “reconfigurable” spaces, and even has a ‘secret room’ that sets it apart.

The innovative design of Isos reflects the company’s culture and values. Bright artwork and quirky visuals remind employees of the fun identity Isos possesses. “It’s a place people want to work,” said CEO, Thad West. “We are in the technology space, and there’s an expectation in the community to have a space that’s creative and fun. Because we’re all competing for the same talent, where you work, what your place looks like, and how everyone interacts, is a very important part of that.”

And how do the employees feel about the new space? “Everybody really likes the space,” added West.  “I’ve gotten so much great positive feedback it’s felt rewarding to hear that.”

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