Client story

Happy Beauty Co. breaks into the retail beauty industry

From concept to reality, Sally Beauty Holdings and JLL expand brand portfolio with a new beauty discount storefront


Portfolio expansion sets discounted beauty brand to open 10 stores


Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ

Nearly 60 years ago, Sally Beauty Holdings (SBH) had its start in a single store and from those humble beginnings, the retailer has gone on to conquer the beauty industry with over 4,000 locations around the world.

But this cosmetic trailblazer has never been content to settle for status quo.

The Challenge

After watching the rise of discount retailers, especially pre- and during the pandemic, the retail giant saw an opportunity to bring their own concept to market, focused on discount beauty products.

The store would offer thousands of affordable beauty products priced at $9.99 and under, from over 30 countries. Customers would be encouraged to experiment and express themselves without breaking the bank.

The team wanted to focus on brick-and-mortar storefronts, supported by an integrated digital framework, to expand its portfolio.

But they needed to get to market quickly, setting a timeline of just 14-16 months for launch. With little room for error, they knew they needed a specialized team to create a complete brand idea and marketing plan for what would become Happy Beauty Co.

The JLL Approach

The beauty company tapped JLL Design Solutions to deliver a strategic design and store format plan that included:

  • Brand conception

  • Brand name selection

  • In-store design and experience

  • Store location and rollout

  • Local marketing activations

  • Grand opening planning and management

  • Paid and organic social media

  • Website development and promotional calendar

 "JLL checked all the boxes to help execute Happy Beauty Co. and choosing to partner with them was the most important decision we made.” - Bryan DeYoung, Group VP, Sally Beauty Holdings, Exec. Sponsor, Happy Beauty Co.

JLL’s design team kicked off the project by confirming what consumers want in the beauty space and how top brands are reaching the target audience, surveying more than 1,000 consumers to help narrow down the final brand concept, name and logo.

“Consumers today are much more brand and product-educated than ever before. Which is why we knew we had to be transparent and authentic in our messaging to these cost-conscious consumers,” said Maureen Millard, senior vice president, client services, JLL.

SBH also wanted to ensure that Happy Beauty Co. also aligned with their overall mission and purpose: to inspire a more colorful, confident and welcoming world.

And that’s how they settled upon the fun, bold, ice-cream-inspired color palette that informed both the brand’s name and logo. The store itself is meant to inspire and delight shoppers by embracing inclusivity, accessibility, value and quality—all of which aligns with Happy Beauty Co.’s desire to serve the beauty-conscious buyer.

Bringing it to life

Once the brand, logo and store design were set, SBH and JLL went on to develop and manage the launch efforts and marketing plan. This comprehensive plan brought together the best of the physical and digital world to create a budget-friendly and buzzworthy campaign to introduce Happy Beauty Co. to the world.

The marketing plan for the Dallas and Phoenix launch incorporated various strategies, including paid and organic social media efforts, all of which promoted the store's grand opening event, the two-day Beauty Bash.

“The Beauty Bash wasn’t your average store opening. We were able to create so much buzz and excitement for the people that attended the event,” said Millard.

The Beauty Bash featured in-store trials and giveaways as well as a free coffee cart and incorporated user-generated and influencer content specific to each market. By tapping into actual customers and local creators, Happy Beauty Co. reinforced its authenticity, strengthening the brand's position as a trusted and respected player in the beauty industry.

See a brighter way

Happy Beauty Co. has gone on to open its first 10 stores in Dallas and Phoenix in the summer of 2023.

"The effective leadership, creativity and organizational skills of JLL were the key components of the collaboration and completion of this project,” says DeYoung. “Happy Beauty Co. wouldn’t be what it is today without a partner like JLL.”

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