AI for commercial real estate

Unlock the full potential of your real estate with AI to revolutionize your operations and empower your buildings, people and the planet.

Leading with AI for smarter real estate decisions

AI has the potential to revolutionize commercial real estate by driving data-driven decision-making, improving efficiencies, and enhancing sustainable practices. Whether using AI for predictive analytics, forecasting market behaviors, automating routine tasks or intuitive recommendations for your CRE operations, JLL has embraced this technology to empower the future of real estate.

Webinar: The future of generative AI in commercial real estate

View this on-demand webinar to hear from JLL's industry experts as they explore how CRE can tap into the potential of AI for effective planning and decision-making. You'll get an extended glimpse of never-before-seen demos featuring practical applications of generative AI for real estate from JLL.

Yao Morin - JLL Chief Technology Officer
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“JLL is embracing the AI-enabled future. We see AI as a valuable human enhancement, not a replacement. The vast quantities of data generated throughout the digital revolution can now be harnessed and analyzed by AI to produce powerful insights that shape the future of real estate.” 


Yao Morin
Chief Technology Officer, JLL 

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