Parkview Regional Medical Center hospital build

410-bed, $536-million hospital completed early and under budget


$11 million under budget


$17 million in value-add savings

Square Feet

960,000 s.f.

Behind the scenes with Mike Packnett, President and CEO, Parkview Health

Parkview is a regional medical center serving a 15-county region and more than 800,000 people. Although we built five hospitals over the last 10 years, we never attempted anything of this magnitude so we needed some project management experience. JLL was working on a large hospital in Oregon and invited us to come out and watch their process. The administrator told us, “I’ve got tons of issues and problems, but none with construction,” which was one of the reasons we hired JLL.

JLL helped us the most at the very beginning, putting the team together. It’s more than hiring an architect; it’s more than hiring a contractor. It’s about somebody being able to manage the whole process –with discipline, knowledge of the contractor and design environment and with a hospital-first attitude.

We had a lot of challenges at the outset. This included a labor strike and weather delays, but JLL helped us rally the team to meet all these challenges effectively and keep things on schedule and under budget. In fact –it came in a month early and $11 million under budget.

“This hospital will allow us to meet the needs of Northeast Indiana folks for many, many years to come.”

Mike Packnett, President and CEO, Parkview Health

JLL also created $17 million in value-added savings. We invested this in improvements, not in the original budget. This included two additional finished operating rooms, more than $3 million in new roadways, a robotic materials handling system, upgrades in information technology and wayfinding signage not just for the new hospital, but for the entire Parkview campus.

The resulting facility is magnificent. The lobby is welcoming, the patient rooms modern and the treatment areas full of cutting-edge technology at our fingertips, which lets us keep patients safe while providing the highest level of care possible.

This project was an absolute joy to work on. JLL definitely brought us value well beyond what we paid for their services. Their knowledge of how to work with contractors and designers on a project of this scale –10 times larger than any we’ve ever done –has been critical to our success.