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JLL's enterprise app JiLL acts as an admin for every employee

Meet JiLL, your intelligent digital assistant. JiLL uses a conversation interface and AI to simplify common tasks like finding a workspace, ordering food or scheduling a meeting.


Investment in life sciences innovation at all-time high, driving demand for new real estate concepts

JLL's Life Sciences Outlook highlights how pharma companies are investing in R&D now as innovation drives the industry.

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JLL in the news

christian ulbrich on bloomberg jll hff
JLL grows global Capital Markets business by completing acquisition of HFF

JLL Global CEO Christian Ulbrich discusses the state of M&A activity in commercial real estate and his outlook on global capital markets.

World Map
Cross Border Capital: Where Is the Money Flowing?

Maggie Coleman, a Managing Director on JLL’s International Capital, Americas team discusses the latest in global capital flows on Wharton Business Radio’s Real Estate Hour. 

Gilda Perez
The World According to Gilda: JLL’s Perez-Alvarado Brings a Global Perspective

Americas Hotels CEO Gilda Perez-Alvarado brings her global experience to leadership and deal-making.

Women's shopping in a mall
Virtual reality ‘Star Wars’ experiences move into malls as clothing stores go dark

Greg Maloney comments on the growth of new entertainment experiences, like The Void, and their impact on retail for CNBC. 

Local news

JLL arranges financing for Englewood, New Jersey, apartments

JLL arranges financing on behalf of developers for the construction of a multi-housing property in Englewood, New Jersey.

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Investor Services and Capital Markets Lead
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Investor Services and Capital Markets News
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Local Markets and Crisis PR
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Hotels News
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Retail News
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William Polk

Corporate Awards and Americas HR News
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Americas Corporate News Lead
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Global Corporate News Lead
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Global Corporate News
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JLL Spark Global Venture Fund News Lead
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