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JLL hires top software engineer from Silicon Valley

JLL announced Silicon Valley veteran Ravi Mirchandaney has been hired as the Head of Software Engineering for the firm’s Digital Products team.

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JLL in the

The Driving Force Behind This Dominant CRE Trend

From mobile devices and platforms to smart buildings and virtual deal making, technology is going to change the face of commercial real estate. In many ways, it already has.

charting the path of omnichannel shopping
Malls tap new tech to track shoppers

Mall owners are looking for ways to more accurately track shoppers at their properties. JLL will begin using a new tool called Pinpoint to monitor shoppers within a "geofence."

male computer programmer using VR glasses while colleagues working in office
JLL's Newest Company To Focus On Tech Real Estate

JLLhas launched a new unit to promote the development of tech-driven real estate services. JLL Sparkwill be led by co-CEOs Mihir Shah and Yishai Lerner.

The Office Barista Will Now Take Your Order

Forget the sludge in the break room. The latest corporate perk is a barista who knows how to pour.

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