Client story

Advantis builds on a rich history of service to create a headquarters for the future

Full-service financial firm consolidates three office locations into one headquarters with employee wellness in mind.


Financial services leader takes bold steps to unite employees in a new corporate headquarters


76,000 square feet


Oregon City, OR


$2.1 million in cost savings

“From the very beginning, JLL demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and goals for the project. What stood out to me was their steadfast commitment to excellence. Their mindfulness was second to none, and they worked tirelessly to ensure the quality and the progress of the project met our high standards.”

Keli Myers, Advantis Credit Union, SVP/Chief Operating Officer

Advantis Credit Union, an Oregon-based member-owned financial cooperative with nearly 90,000 members and $1.9 billion in assets, faced a pressing challenge. The bank’s administrative operations were spread across three locations, each nearing or at capacity. This led to inefficiencies, including travel time between offices, lack of operational cohesiveness and missed opportunities for collaboration. With plans in motion to sell one of their buildings, and their lease expiring on a second location, Advantis sought to consolidate their operations and create a new headquarters that would accommodate their needs for future growth and innovation.

“We feel it’s important to consolidate our administrative sites into one location that allows us to collaborate in a manner that best serves our members and our community,” said Advantis President and CEO Jason Werts.

Can the right location embody and enhance an organization’s brand?

Spurred by a referral from another satisfied credit union client, Advantis turned to JLL for assistance. The objective was clear: Secure a site large enough to house all administrative operations under one roof and build a flexible and efficient employee-centered facility. Advantis aimed to build a new office space that would not only accommodate growth and reflect the organization’s commitment to sustainability and wellness, but also provide a high-performance workplace, enhance employee satisfaction, maximize brand integration, drive schedule and cost efficiencies, and minimize disruption to operations during the transition. 

Fostering innovation and collaboration with an emphasis on wellbeing

JLL and Advantis worked in lock step to bring this large-scale, long-term project to fruition. JLL provided a comprehensive range of services to address Advantis’s needs, from selecting an opportunity zoned lot that included tax benefits to ensuring a smooth relocation and consolidation of staff and equipment. The brokerage services, location incentives negotiation, workplace strategy, construction project management and relocation services were all seamlessly integrated to provide a cohesive and cost-effective experience for Advantis.

A building for the future borne of shared values

Advantis and JLL share a commitment to sustainability and innovation, and the new Advantis headquarters reflects that commitment. The new 12-acre campus includes three buildings designed by TVA Architects totaling 76,221 square feet, indoor and outdoor spaces that contribute to employee health and wellness and design strategies that foster the functional needs of an active work environment.

The design incorporated sustainable and energy-efficient features, such as a mass timber structure, a photovoltaic panel system, an efficient building envelope and enhanced mechanical systems. JLL’s expertise and experience in mass timber construction—in addition to the expertise of general contractor Kirby Nagelhout—played a crucial role in successfully implementing this unique design choice. Additionally, JLL demonstrated leadership and quick problem-solving when faced with material shortages and other challenges, ensuring minimal disruptions to the project and timeline.

Despite project planning, commencement and construction taking place during the challenging pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, the new corporate campus was completed on time. The project was also delivered under budget, with JLL driving $2.1 million in cost savings, including property tax savings and diligent bid and change order reviews. JLL effectively managed key project milestones, mitigated risks, and facilitated timely decision-making in collaboration with Advantis and other stakeholders.

Together, Advantis and JLL created a campus that will inspire innovation, collaboration and creativity for decades to come.