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The Science of Success: Manifold Bio's Customized Office and Lab Environment

With state-of-the-art laboratories, collaborative workspaces, and a focus on sustainability, Manifold Bio's office embodies a commitment to scientific excellence and fosters a culture of innovation




Life Science


Vivo Drug Design

Manifold Bio was founded to transform drug discovery and develop life-saving drugs. Located in the vibrant life sciences hub of Boston, Manifold Bio sought a new office space that would reflect their culture, align with their commitment to scientific excellence and enable breakthrough discoveries.

With JLL’s help to achieve their mission, Manifold Bio's office and lab space was designed to accommodate their current and future growth with a collaborative and innovative environment that supports their cutting-edge research and development activities.

The office space is carefully curated to meet the needs of Manifold’s innovative team, featuring state-of-the-art laboratory facilities outfitted with advanced drug discovery research tools and equipment. These laboratories are designed to ensure optimal workflow, safety and efficiency, allowing Manifold Bio's scientists and researchers to carry out their experiments seamlessly.

In addition to the laboratory areas, the office space also includes various collaborative spaces strategically placed throughout the facility. These spaces, including open work areas, meeting rooms and breakout zones, are designed to promote interaction and knowledge sharing among Manifold Bio's multidisciplinary team. These spaces encourage both impromptu discussions and more formal brainstorm sessions between employees, working to complement the culture of innovation and cross-functional collaboration that is vital to the company’s continued success.

Manifold Bio's office space also prioritizes employee well-being and comfort. The design incorporates natural lighting, ergonomic workstations, and inclusive amenities, creating a pleasant and productive working environment. Break areas and recreational spaces provide employees with opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation, enhancing their overall work-life balance.

In addition to its physical attributes, functionality and aesthetics, sustainability was a key consideration in the design of Manifold Bio's office space. With a focus on energy-efficient lighting, design decisions made to enhance established recycling programs, and the use of eco-friendly materials, the company now showcases its commitment to environmentally responsible practices through its culture and its workspace.

Manifold Bio's office not only serves as a functional workplace but also embodies the company's mission, values and aspirations. It reflects their dedication to pushing the boundaries of drug discovery research while creating a positive and collaborative work environment. By partnering with JLL on their thoughtfully designed office, Manifold Bio aims to attract top talent, inspire innovation and ultimately drive groundbreaking discoveries in the field of biotechnology.

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