Client story

JLL helps government agency save money, reduce risk and operate with greater efficiency

Thousands of operationally critical client sites separated by great distances require a real estate services partner with national reach and expertise


Over $26M in procurement savings realized in six years


Over 9,200 sites including retail, distribution, and data centers

A large government agency needed a real estate partner to help them manage thousands of geographically diverse sites across the United States. They wanted to drive consistency and improve efficiency for their portfolio’s facilities operations, sourcing and procurement as well as real estate transactions.

The agency had more than 9,200 sites including retail, distribution and data centers that needed facilities management. But with so many varied locations, it was a major challenge for them to staff them all with consistent services. JLL identified operational planning, staffing various facilities management roles, coordinating standard training programs and site-specific training sessions, and aligning on processes were key areas of focus required to optimize the performance of the client's facilities operations.

In addition, the client has a portfolio of more than 30,000 properties nationwide, most of which are leased and require renewals, often with opportunities for negotiated options.

Alignment of purpose

With the rather unique requirements, the client selected JLL as its real estate services partner, providing real estate consulting, supply chain management, procurement management, and integrated facility services management for retail locations, and its sole transactions partner. Aligning with the client on their goals, the JLL team further developed strategies for operational improvements.

“It is in our DNA to care about the clients and people. We are passionate about helping them fulfill their goals,” said Monique Derrick, Managing Director with JLL.

The JLL team implemented a detailed facilities management plan that delivered excellence in hard and soft services and supports a safe working environment. Leveraging JLL’s Corrigo computerized maintenance management system, automated routine maintenance tasks were streamlined for faster resolution. Additionally, the Corrigo system provides transparent operational insights through data dashboards and vendor management measures. In the first year of delivering services, JLL helped the client achieve cost savings of more than $26 million over 6 years while enhancing service delivery and consistency and earned a Supplier Performance Award from the client 3 times.

As a sourcing partner, JLL manages vendor compliance and relationships, and procures a wide variety of services through a large network of suppliers to keep the facilities operating at a high level, and to respond to critical project needs. Annual savings in negotiated vendor contracts are approximately $700 per contract and JLL helps the client’s sourcing team take on more work and realize cost savings through our national supplier network. With the client’s intricate budget structure and approval process, JLL takes extraordinary care to ensure the pricing, bid detail, and requisite numbers of competitive bids are delivered with sufficient time for detailed examination and approval.

JLL also helps the client with a large volume of real estate transactions consisting mostly of leasing, acquisitions and dispositions. With a portfolio of 25,000 leased properties, JLL executes approximately 4-6 transactions on the client’s behalf every day, generating savings through renewals in some locations. The JLL team augments the client’s staff, allowing for greater speed and higher volumes of transactions.

A strategic approach

JLL is supporting the client with a real estate strategy that is unique to this Client’s needs and supports the objectives of its ambitious 10-year plan, which includes real estate and facilities infrastructure and equipment upgrades. With sustainability in mind – and a thorough understanding of trends, technologies, talent, and real estate requirements – JLL is driving the client’s operations in a way that best addresses a changing industry and a new world of work.

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