Client story

Invisible Urban Charging powers up with strategy for global expansion

JLL and Invisible Urban Charging unite to revolutionize global electric vehicle infrastructure


End-to-end EV charging service provider leverages a project management partnership for global expansion


300,000 EV chargers globally


Developing a global strategy for deployment across 5 countries

"To meet the growing need for EV charging infrastructure, you need partners able to deliver globally with excellence. JLL understands our vision and approach to accelerating the world's path to electrification. Together, we will build on our domestic success and roll out large-scale deployments of chargers worldwide,

remarked Nigel Broomhall, co-founder and CEO of Invisible Urban Charging.

"With our innovative technology and JLL's expertise in real estate and global reach, we're poised to revolutionize the way people charge their electric vehicles, paving the way for a sustainable future."

As consumers embrace electric vehicles (EVs), Invisible Urban Charging (IUC) is leading the expansion of EV charging capacity across the United States and Europe. Building on numerous successful EV charger deployments nationwide, IUC wanted to expand globally, but it lacked the local landlord and vendor relationships critical to identifying feasible sites and completing new EV charging installations. IUC found a solution with JLL.

Founded in 2019, IUC works with major commercial property owners to provide an all-exclusive, fully funded, end-to-end electric vehicle charging as a service to customer sites for a flat monthly fee.

IUC manages the entire process, from selecting and installing best-in-class hardware to monitoring, management and monetization—right down to painting car parking spots and signage.

IUC also helps clients manage driver access, whether a charging station is open to the public or limited to shoppers, hotel guests, office occupants or other primary property users. Every deployment is connected to IUC’s software platform, where clients can download detailed reports.

IUC initially collaborated with JLL to deploy 100 high-density EV charging stations in Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Georgia. Following that success, IUC saw an opportunity to expand globally.

Combined, the U.S., Europe and China will need nearly 40 million EV chargers by 2030, according to McKinsey Research —and IUC was ready to power up.

Growing together

Given the success of the U.S. rollout, IUC was confident that its concept would work in other regions. It turned to JLL to expand their services into the new geographies.

With operations in 300 offices in 80 countries, JLL offered the local market presence and expertise to deliver logistical support and services at scale. Most critically, JLL has relationships with building landlords and building trade vendors in every market in which the company operates. For IUC, JLL’s global presence would be the key to uncovering opportunities.

JLL provides IUC global installation capabilities through JLL’s network of electrical contractors, logistics and signage partners.

Delivering EV charging around the world

At every site, each charger is networked with IUC’s proprietary software platform that helps clients track usage trends at their sites. In addition, the software provides deployment and maintenance functions to help IUC manage its growing volume of EV chargers in high-density installations.

Together, IUC and JLL are harnessing their power to expand the global EV charging footprint and shape a more sustainable future. It’s a powerful strategy that’s driving transformation around the world.