Tracking population migration in Charlotte

Charlotte: Where they’re coming from & where they’re going

August 03, 2020
Net migrants | In-migration (2018)
Net migrants | Out-migration (2018)
  • The Charlotte Metro continued to be a major draw for new residents coming from the Northeast.

  • 6 of the top ten metros new Charlotteans came from are in the Northeast.

  • New residents have been drawn by a robust job market, lower cost of living, and more pleasant climate.

  • Charlotte has also been attracting more new residents from South Florida.  Year over year migration from the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro increased by 450%.

  • Charlotte is also seeing a major increase in migration from California.  In-Migration from California has increased by 500% year over year as the California diaspora moves further east.

  • The Charlotte region is losing residents to neighboring metros with lower cost housing while still commuting to the Charlotte metro.