Quest for net zero emissions fuels number of EV models for sale

May 22, 2023
  • Elizabeth Keiger
  • Mehtab Randhawa
  • Kelsey Rogers
  • Flight to net zero emissions is a top priority for consumers and industrial users alike. In the U.S. the demand for electric vehicles has caused a boom of new manufacturing development specifically to mass produce both the EV’s and their batteries. In 2012, there were only 6 fully electric vehicles commercially produced and currently, there are 132 models and growing rapidly. 
  • The site selection process for these mega projects is a thorough process. An ideal site will have access to skilled labor, available and entitled land, power capabilities, and government incentives. 
  • Going electric goes beyond personal vehicles: Other notorious gas guzzlers like tractor trailers are starting to shift towards electrification as well. Other examples include:

    • Delivery fleet vehicles– The United States Postal Service is currently manufacturing their next generation mail delivery vehicle that will be 100% electric.

    • Forklifts—The small but mighty machines that help keep warehoused goods moving have traditionally relied on gas power. However, new electric powered models only account for 15-20% of energy loss whereas a gas-powered forklift has energy loss figures 4 times that. 

    • Container ships– while docked at their port of call, container ships traditionally run their diesel engines, wreaking havoc on the environment. However, many ports are now constructing terminals that run on “shore power” which is essentially an EV charging station for a ship.