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Increase the value of your owned and leased retail assets with innovative investment, location, and redevelopment advice.
Restructure lease and debt

Find smart cost reductions, and learn how you can increase your liquidity, reduce costs, and minimize lease and debt liabilities. Manage your retail liabilities aggressively and creatively.

Develop your brand strategy

Access tools, data, and market intelligence to assess locations, target customers, create great environments, and sort out your supply chain.

Transform with technology

Take advantage of technology and evolving customer needs to bring your retail environment and experiences to your customers – online and in real life.

Invest in retail property

Access capital and retail assets all over the world. Get advice on financing and other creative ways to ensure a successful investment strategy.

Design & build

Evolve your retail space to keep pace with the ever-changing experiential and consumer-driven retail world. Get upsides in rent through F&B upgrades, alternative use, or complete overhaul of retail space.

Create consumer experiences

Engage and retain consumers using data-driven analytics, consumer behavior research, and integrated experiential programming.

Specialty leasing

Specialty Leasing or short-term retail space leasing in malls and other retail centers offers opportunities to grow your brand and reach a larger audience.

JLL RETAIL AMERICAS TEAM wins GlobeSt. Real Estate forums “Retail Influencer” award.

The JLL Retail Americas team is a mainstay in the retail brokerage market. Led by Greg Maloney and Naveen Jaggi, the group works with clients of every size to serve all retail needs and provide end-toend solutions, including leasing, investment and capital market’s needs. Through the pandemic, the team has worked closely with clients to adapt their business models and improve supply chains to handle the new volume and last mile distribution demands of consumers looking for alternative ways to buy goods. In the last 12 months, the group has launched a Retail Industrial Taskforce and a cross-border retail business, both of which will provide clients with solutions for global expansion and help to navigate new needs. In addition, the group has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for 13 consecutive years.

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Our retail experts discuss trends impacting retail markets worldwide.

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Hosted by James Cook, Where We Buy is a podcast about retail and real estate.
It features conversations with fascinating people, original research, and audio tours of unique retail places.

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