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Leverage the latest tools to create a retail environment where consumers can shop how, when, and where they want.

Capitalize on technology built to help you discover balance between online and brick-and-mortar experiences, increase discoverability, find your next target market, and more.

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JLL’s PinPoint, powered by Alexander Babbage®, is a geo fencing software tool that analyzes mobile data (both cellular and GPS) at select locations to track and measure data in real time.
These metrics give you the upper hand to better locate and position your retail store. Better target your brand marketing effectively to increase sales.


Are you ready to put AI into retail?
With the rise of mobile virtual assistants and smart speakers, more and more consumers are conducting search with their voices and expecting accurate results to be dictated back to them. Why does voice search matter for retail real estate? If your retail asset isn’t voice search-compatible, mobile assistants and smart speakers can’t tell consumers about your property.


Use proprietary technology, data and methodology to gain customized mapping, aerials and thematic analysis maps based on data to make the best possible real estate decisions.

Energy evaluation

Precision allows you to identify your best trade areas, reach your core customers and harness customized forecast models to make accurate performance predictions. Plus, a reliable second-opinion never hurts.

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