Location is everything

Especially for those supporting a trillion-dollar industry


11,400 s.f.


1775 Eye Street NW, Washington, DC

As leaders of the trillion-dollar apartment industry, National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) membership base includes some of its most prominent owners and developers from across the country. The organization provides a forum for those leaders to collaborate and share best practices to move the industry into the future. NMHC’s staff is the driver behind its success and they needed an office space conducive to their work. Recently the organization’s highly collaborative and engaged team, led by Senior Vice President Kenny Emson, set out to find it. They ended up getting more than they ever thought they could.

After 20 years at the same location, NMHC needed an office refresh, something that spoke to the future of the organization. It was important that the new space be well located with convenient access to Capitol Hill. They turned to JLL’s Chris Bynum and Tucker Farman for help.

With JLL’s guidance, NMHC found its new location just two and a half blocks away from its original office, which turned out to be even more advantageous for the organization’s employees. Their needs played a critical role in the decision-making process. A staff-wide survey revealed that commute times were very important to the team. Since nearly half of the staff used the previous building’s parking garage, it was essential that NMHC’s new location has one that was easy to access and maneuver. Chris and Tucker helped the NMHC team find an office with those features and an improved commuting time.

The new space is modern, bright, functional and inviting. JLL’s Mason Osborn played a key role in the office design and construction by managing everything from the schedule and budget to the furniture selection to ensure the right look and feel. The attractive deal terms negotiated by Chris and Tucker saved NMHC a considerable amount of money, which was invested in new technology to improve the organization’s underlying infrastructure and the employee and member experience.

These are just a few elements of the new space that inspire and awe employees, even the most tenured. Employees, once reluctant to move, now can not imagine ever working anywhere else.

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