Keeping Capitol Hill Warm

The leading voice in natural gas creates a refreshed work environment


32,000 s.f.


400 North Capitol Street NW, Washington, DC

As the American Gas Association (AGA) turned 100 this year, their Capitol Hill office space turned 20. Perfectly located with enviable views of the Capitol Building, it was a tough space to beat... on the outside. Inside, the space and its design wasn’t keeping up with the modern needs of the AGA team. They knew it was time to find a new space solution and, with the help of JLL, headed to market. After an extensive search, it turned out that home really was where the natural gas hearth is. AGA remained in place and kicked off an extensive renovation to deliver an improved workplace that energized employees, provided value to its members and created a more collaborative and inviting environment for all.

American Gas Association’s scheduled hosting of the 2018 World Gas Conference prompted a dialogue about their outdated office space. Should they relocate? If so, where? Could a new space be more conducive to the organization’s operations? Could everything be done on time for the conference? That’s where JLL stepped in.

JLL’s Elizabeth Cooper worked with AGA’s team to conduct an extensive market analysis and site search, knowing the views of the Capitol Building were irreplaceable. They studied every option and considered every possible outcome with the aid of architect and JLL project manager, Robin Sparrow. Favorable economic terms from the current landlord, including a hefty tenant improvement allowance, enticed AGA to stay in the current space.

Elizabeth focused on everything from restructuring their lease early to securing temporary space within the building to negotiating AGA’s branding in the elevator lobby despite being a partial-floor tenant. Robin worked to coordinate all vendors, communicate the process to AGA leadership and resolve any project challenges. The building is also home to several news broadcasting companies that can’t operate with loud construction. So Robin scheduled the project work to happen outside of normal business hours.

It was all worth it. In addition to creating a more collaborative environment, AGA increased its seat count, expanded the reception area and added additional internal conference rooms within the original rentable area. AGA’s new office significantly enhances the guest experience for its members. After all, that is why they’re here—to be the voice for their natural gas members.

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