Driving change in the federal government

Ensuring our nation’s vitality and security


160,000 s.f.


2002 Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, Va.

Noblis’ Innovation and Collaboration Center (NICC) at their Reston, VA, headquarters is more than just a physical space. It’s where complex problems are explored from every angle to create practical and sustainable solutions. They are a nonprofit science, technology and strategy organization dedicated to creating forward-thinking technical and advisory solutions in the public interest. Noblis’ work spans a wide range of government and industry clients in the areas of national security and intelligence, transportation and telecommunications, citizen services, environmental sustainability, and health. Today, Noblis is using their space to change the landscape of government contracting through science and technology.

Noblis was founded in 1996 with the mission to be more agile and responsive to the changing landscape of government contracting. As the organization grew its capabilities, its leadership team realized the value Noblis could contribute through high-performance computing and data analytics. Over the years, Noblis expanded both organically and through acquisitions, significantly broadening their expertise in national security and intelligence.

After nearly 20 years of operations, Noblis realized the need for office space that would carry the company through their next growth phase. Although they did not have a perfect vision of what that office would look like, they knew they wanted to be more efficient with their physical space. Armed with Noblis’ criteria, JLL mapped out potential sites, toured high-profile buildings throughout the region and helped negotiate the best deal. In the end, geography played a key role in the decision. It was important to be close to public transportation, visible to the public and in a location conducive to work-life balance. 2002 Edmund Halley Drive in Reston, VA checked all of the boxes. However, site selection and lease negotiation were only part of the process.

Noblis had a very traditional culture, one that had private offices and encouraged limited interaction among teams. However, leadership was on a mission to foster a culture of collaboration and adapted an activity-based open work concept for its new space. JLL’s change management team spent several months learning Noblis’ culture and work styles to support them throughout the process. JLL’s project management team, led by Louis Molinini, managed the general contractor, delivery schedule and budget.

Today Noblis has its name right on the Dulles Toll Road, visible to their competition and target talent base. They are less than 100 yards from the Reston Town Center Metro Station, a location that allows employees to take advantage of the lifestyle and residential opportunities nearby. The new office provides laboratory space, technology workstations and collaborative work areas that allow employees to prototype, analyze, model and simulate together. Visitors and guests experience an active work environment with an engaged staff that can collaborate throughout the work space.