A law firm reimagined

Taking on international arbitration from the comfort of Georgetown


12,000 s.f.


3000 K St NW, Washington, DC

In 2014, Luke Sobota was one of six partners from four leading law firms who believed that clients litigating through international arbitration would benefit from leaner, more cost-effective teams. Luke and his colleagues also understood that clients value the caliber of associates representing them, so they set out to hire the best and brightest attorneys and law students available. Three Crowns (or 3C) was thus founded and client demand has propelled the firm to grow to over 60 attorneys from 24 different countries who speak 27 different languages. With offices in Washington, DC, London and Paris, 3C has developed a reputation for excellence and is now consistently ranked among the top international arbitration firms in the world.

3C has quickly earned a reputation for excellence in international arbitration. JLL’s Bobby Blair has been an integral part of that, advising Luke and the firm’s partners since before the company’s official founding almost five years ago. During the company’s early days, Bobby helped 3C secure temporary space, expecting that the company’s growing workforce would eventually demand a permanent location. When that time came, Luke called on Bobby to find 3C a distinctive space they could call home. The team didn’t want to be tucked away and hidden in a corner of some large office building overlooking other large office buildings. They wanted light, space, and freshness to communicate the firms’ unique values. Bobby understood that 3C was not a typical law firm, so he needed to find options that spoke to the firm’s innovative approach to practicing law. Bobby toured various options throughout the DC market and the team set its eyes on Washington Harbour with its views overlooking the Potomac River.

Nothing about 3C’s office cries traditional law firm. It starts with the unconventional entrance. Gabriel Dawe’s “Plexus A1,” a rainbow of embroidery thread extending from floor to ceiling, found a permanent home at the 3C office. This installation was a highlight of the extremely popular “Wonder” exhibit at the Renwick Gallery in 2015. The disruptive nature of the firm can be found in every element within the office walls. The office layout and design also express the firm’s dedication to its clients by facilitating collaboration and communication among its lawyers. It’s hard to communicate from the confines of a private office, so a good portion of the 12,000 square foot office is devoted to communal space. Clients and colleagues alike enjoy working from glass-enclosed conference rooms and comfortable lounges. Life at 3C is hardly not all work and no play. Visitors, clients, and staff often take advantage of nearby Georgetown amenities, including some of the city’s finest restaurants and hotels.