Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for real estate

We are here to help you navigate (re)entry to prepare your workplace, your asset(s) and your people for the next normal in a COVID-19 world.


JLL CEO Christian Ulbrich talks to CNN about re-entry strategies

Watch Christian’s discussion with CNN International about re-entry strategies for companies around the globe.

Featured research

COVID-19 global real estate implications

This updated report looks at the lessons from China, the global policy response and the practical challenges businesses will face for re-entry, as well as capital market implications and sector-specific impact.

Ambitions Magazine:
The Cities Issue

Read how urbanization is reshaping our global cities in our
industry magazine.

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Virtual lecture halls or hopes for campus life? How colleges plan to reopen during COVID-19

E-learning, traffic patterns and off-campus housing are all part of complex strategies to bring students back

JLL Feeding Heroes

Consider donating to the JLL Feeding Heroes program, where every donation
creates meals for healthcare workers.

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JLL Women Inspire

We are proud to recognize the amazing women of JLL.
Get to know some of our women leaders and allies around the globe.

Client story

Campus innovation fuels active learning at Bowling Green State University

A $300 million master plan revitalizes the campus experience at Bowling Green State University.