The new future of work to shape a better world

The corporate mindset was already shifting, but the pandemic accelerated a renewed focus around work and the workplace. Embracing new workplace models, advancing technology and focusing on employee wellness will lead to big results for those who do it right.

The opportunity to reimagine the future of work has never been stronger

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Workers are concerned about quality of life; 3 ways HR can help

When considering workplace priorities post-pandemic, global employees are craving both connectivity and an array of options

Employers need to ‘engage and care for workforces’ post pandemic

The amount of days worked remotely is expected to double post-crisis, going from 1.2 days pre-pandemic to 2.4 days a week post-pandemic.

3 in 4 workers want to return to an office in the future

Corporations that focus on a people-centric workplace that’s centered around flexibility of health, wellbeing and experience, they’re the ones that are going to thrive

A Path Forward: Fostering A Human-Centric Workplace In 2021

Business leaders need to be in lock-step with their HR leaders, who carry the important responsibility of anticipating employees’ wants and needs

Let’s reimagine the future of work

In a recent issue of CoreNet's The Leader magazine, JLL’s Peter Miscovich shares how organizations can embrace the opportunity to reimagine the future of work.

The Office Reimagined: A Destination for Innovation

Companies are starting to tackle a much broader issue than returning to work: what role the office will play in their corporate strategy going forward.

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