JLL holds 10th 
Annual Women’s 

Over 100 JLL women came together virtually to discuss the importance of women's empowerment and advancement in the workplace

This year’s JLL Women’s Summit hosted over 100 virtual participants to discuss inclusive, driven leadership. Co-sponsored by JLL’s Talent Center of Expertise and the Women's Business Network (WBN), the event focused on connecting participants with JLL Leadership, how to lead authentically and strategies for elevating women in the workplace. Over 600 women have participated in JLL’s Women's Summit over the past ten years, as part of JLL’s ongoing effort and commitment to advance women in leadership, to empower our female leaders and shape the future of JLL.

Day 1

Greg O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer for the Americas, kicked off the event with welcome remarks addressing our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“Our annual Women’s Summit is a cornerstone of our commitment to advancing opportunities for women at JLL. This year marks a decade for the event, which is devoted to celebration, professional development and interconnection among our top and emerging women leaders,” said O’Brien.

Pamela Harrington, Director, Learning & Leadership Development also facilitated an engaging discussion featuring 11 senior women to address barriers in the workplace and uplifting others.

Day 2

On the second day of the summit, attendees were able to network and connect as well as hear from leadership across the company including Sheila Penrose, former Chairman of the Board for JLL, and Bobby Mehta, Penrose’s successor. A discussion on women’s advancement in technology was led by JLL’s Nashunda Williams, Senior Director, Account Technology and featured Yao Morin, Chief Data Officer, JLL Technologies; Pushpa Gowda, Managing Director of Global Technology Engagement; Paulette Saunders, Executive Director, JLL Technologies; and Gina Calabrese, SVP/Executive Director, JLL Technologies.

During the discussion, Saunders shared, “I often tell women that even if they do not have a background in tech, they should not be afraid to step into technology and pursue that interest. Diversity of thought is key to creating a winning team and a more inclusive workforce.”

JLL’s participants assessed their individual differences through the Hermann Brain Assessment. Through this assessment and a discussion that followed, Dana Lemelin, Senior Director, Head of Leadership Development, showed the importance of recognizing people’s different preferences in order to facilitate gender diversity in corporate settings. This led the summit into a discussion with Professor Jaclyn Jensen of DePaul University in Chicago on Communicating in an Inclusive Workplace. The session encouraged self-awareness and self-assessment of one’s knowledge of diversity, privilege, stereotypes and biases in the workplace.

Through the event’s philanthropic trivia component which took place over the two days, summit attendees also raised over $4,000 for SHARE, a national nonprofit that supports, educates, and empowers women affected by breast, ovarian, uterine or metastatic breast cancer, with a special focus on medically underserved communities.

In its 10 years, the JLL Women's Summit has been an accelerator for the ongoing effort and commitment to advance leadership development for women at the firm, empower our women leaders and shape the future of JLL. 

Women’s Summit attendees share their experience

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