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The Utilization Challenge

The average organization only utilizes 60%* of building space to its fullest potential, making the other 40% an opportunity. But your organization is anything but average.

A productivity-boosting employee experience is essential in today’s workplace. The first step in achieving your company’s ambitions is recognizing that smart space utilization lays the necessary foundation for the most effective workplace strategies.    

Which tools are the right ones to address your organization’s utilization challenge and what’s the best process and approach to ensure success?

Find the answers in Space Utilization with a high IQ.

Improving employee experience and optimizing portfolio performance

The utilization challenge can’t be tackled with a one-off initiative. A holistic program that brings together data, analytics, insights, strategy, and execution into a single solution is the key to understanding your true utilization picture and solving for it. At JLL, we call this Utilization Intelligence.
Determine the right data sources to achieve your business goals
Implement UtilizationIQ(sm) technology and monitor the outputs
Develop intelligence from your data and its implications

Create a roadmap to optimize your portfolio and workplace

Implement a program to increase utilization and employee engagement

Adaptable to solve your workspace challenges

Whether you’re simply looking for a utilization technology to create informed dashboards, or you’re looking for a team to create actionable strategies from those dashboards, JLL has you covered.

Our flexible, technology-agnostic SaaS platform, UtilizationIQ, aggregates data from sensors, WiFi networks, room reservation programs, security/ badging systems, and IWMS/CAFM technologies.

From there, our experts can help you derive meaningful insights from the data and use those insights to develop and implement workplace programs that increase utilization while improving employee engagement and satisfaction – all aligned to your enterprise goals.

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Success with organizations
just like yours

Using space efficiently and providing an engaging, productivity-boosting employee experience has transformed companies just like yours.
Leveraging IoT and analytics to drive a smart workplace

Fortune 50 leading financial services provider seeks to boost smart space utilization.

Creating a workplace of the future to support medical innovation

Global Biotechnology Company seeks to reconfigure space and reinvigorate employees.


What happens when you deploy 1000 sensors inside our global headquarters. Results coming soon.


*2018-19 OP Benchmarking Report