Maximize your workspace and your business with a revolutionary utilization-tracking solution.

Optimize your space with custom-fit technology that tracks how the employees in your office use your office.

The Utilization Challenge

The average organization only utilizes 60%* of building space to its fullest potential, making the other 40% an opportunity. But your organization is anything but average.

A productivity-boosting employee experience is essential in today’s workplace. Recognizing that smart space utilization is the leading way to create the most effective workplace strategies is the first step in achieving your company's ambitions.

With clearly defined goals and a flexible utilization toolset at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to your highest workplace utilization IQ.

Improving employee
performance and satisfaction

See how enhancing the way you use your office can enhance your business.

Reduce excess costs by understanding the unused capacity at the building, floor, room, or desk level.

Improve the occupier experience by proactive utilization and better use of the existing facility.

Provide a return on investment in the workplace by determining a true utilization ratio that justifies your space investment.

Indicate if your organization’s change management practice is effective by analyzing the alignment between the space and the team’s behavior.

Learn how Utilization IQ works

Success with organizations
just like yours

Using space efficiently and providing an engaging, productivity-boosting employee experience has transformed companies just like yours.
Global biotech company

Real-time utilization data-driven insights create a focus on what matters most – optimizing the workplace to support medical innovation.

Fortune 50 leading services provider

Leveraging IoT and analytics to drive a smart workplace.


What happens when you deploy 1000 sensors inside our JLL AON office in Chicago?