An end-to-end approach to solving the utilization challenge

Software that collects data. Expertise that turns analytics into insights. And guidance that helps create a custom strategy. All in one accessible place.

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A step-by-step solution to solving your challenge.

Step 1: Collect data from multiple sources and aggregate into UtilizationIQ

Step 2: Develop insights from meaningful visualizations and dashboards

Step 3: Create a real estate strategy based on data analysis centered around the way your employees work.

Step 4: Implement workplace programs that align to the newly developed strategy such as restacks, mobility programs, change management programs, and more.

Maximize employee engagement by maximizing the space where they work.

We think beyond desks, locations, design, and amenities and focus on the most-important part of your space – your employees.

A successful workplace strategy doesn’t stop with square-footage-per-person. Understanding how your employees behave in the space is the X factor.

According to McKinsey, 70% of change programs fail, with the top reason being employee resistance to change. By creating a workplace strategy program focused around your most-important asset—your talent—you can reduce the risk of failure for high-stakes location and design investments by putting your quantitative and qualitative utilization data to work.

Employees are the backbone of your organization. Make them the center of your real estate strategy.

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