The ultimate guide to experience management

How building owners can bring comfort and flexibility into the office environment through targeted amenities—while improving operations and revenue

The way we work is changing rapidly—and landlords must provide a top-notch experience for tenants to make their office buildings stand out from the crowd. The JLL Global Flex Report shows that by 2025, properties that incorporate a diverse roster of amenities will experience 12% higher demand from tenants versus ones that don’t.

By incorporating Experience Management (XM), you can transform your office building from a place of work to a destination for collaboration, relaxation and unique events. XM unlocks seamless amenities that add value to the office and daily life by taking advantage of every square foot of your building to improve operations and revenue.

So, what do you need to design a top-tier office building? Find out the must-haves in tenant amenities, sustainability initiatives and more in this informative handbook outlining the ABCs of XM.

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