Interview with Mat Ellis: The evolution of Portland's Tech Community

Craig Reinhart, Managing Director JLL, talks with his friend Mat Ellis, CEO of Cloudability, to discuss the Portland tech scene and his journey from small startup to one of the area’s most successful software companies

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Originally from Great Britain, Mat Ellis has lived and worked all over the world. After moving to Portland over 10 years ago, he started his own software company, Cloudability. He’s been there ever since and has seen the city change from a quick stop on the way to Silicon Valley to a unique tech hub of its own.

“There’s a really interesting sense of togetherness in the city and state that I’ve not seen anywhere else I’ve lived in America, that I think is really special.” 

Mat Ellis, CEO, Cloudability

In his interview with Craig, Mat offers a unique perspective on how the city has transformed, the face-to-face communication style of the people there, the obstacles it's faced in the past and the tough decisions it could face in the future.

Friends for more than eight years, Craig and Mat have a candid discussion about the struggles tech company founders face in raising capital, attracting top leadership talent, and how local politics and legislation plays a role in the success of company at any stage of growth. They also talk about some of the challenges many tech entrepreneurs face when deciding whether they should set up shop in the Bay Area or a secondary market like Portland, where they might find a smaller but more collaborative tech community.

Last but not least, Mat thanks a few people and organizations that are dedicated to solving some of the complex issues Portland faces, like ending homelessness, the fight for fair business taxes and improving the education system. “It’s a very giving community, companies get involved, and I think it’s a very cool thing."

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