FAQs: How new
regulations will
impact your CRE

Nine of the top questions asked during our recent virtual sustainability regulations event

Wondering how new sustainability regulations will impact your real estate portfolio? If so, you’re not alone.

During our recent virtual event, “Will new sustainability regulations impact your real estate portfolio?” we drilled down into topics including: 

  • Why sustainability regulation is more pressing now than ever before
  • What organizations should expect from regulation in the U.S. and Europe in 2021
  • How real estate leaders could position themselves to stay ahead of the regulatory tide
We also shared practical examples from leading organizations that have successfully navigated the changing sustainability regulatory environment. But there’s always more to learn! That’s why we’ve answered a number of the top questions attendees asked, including:
  • How do building owners typically handle the costs for meeting sustainability requirements or regulations? 
  • How do voluntary sustainability ratings and/or certifications drive higher asset values? 
  • What should real estate stakeholders be tracking in the new U.S. infrastructure package? 
  • How can real estate leaders target low-hanging fruit to prepare for more stringent regulations down the line?
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