2022 Life Sciences Research Outlook & Cluster Rankings

Science doesn't stop, innovation advances

September 28, 2022

The life sciences industry has faced the macroeconomic challenges plaguing the global economy this year, but these short-term challenges won’t be a roadblock for incredible growth predicted over the long-term. Science doesn’t stop, and investment in new innovations and advanced modalities will continue to drive the industry forward. While we’d never call any industry recession-proof, the life sciences industry is better positioned than most because of its countercyclical drivers. 

Since 2017 revenue growth has surged, more growth projected based on emerging technologies

Cluster Composition Matrix for life sciences companies, investors and developers

Top life sciences clusters continue to stay strong, but emerging markets are currently planting the seeds for long-term opportunities. These may help guide biotech and pharmaceutical companies as they plan talent and growth strategies, including overall location strategy and specific moves. Investors can leverage our cluster methodology to understand which markets have momentum and resiliency.

We developed this year’s Life Sciences Cluster ranking to consider the convergence of science and technology, as well as factors that drive long-term resilience and opportunity. But a static list can only reveal so much, so this year we’ve included a second more dynamic view. Our Life Sciences Cluster Composition Matrix highlights where each market stacks up in terms of human and physical capital.

Leverage our tool below to determine which markets may align with your objectives, factoring talent, funding and prove opportunity between talent, funding and commercial real estate (CRE) data. To view how market rankings may change, simply place a percentage to weigh which factors frame your decisions more than others. The baseline is 35% for talent, 30% for funding and 35% for CRE. To review how we build these factors, calculate our rankings for these categories and overall, download our report.


To learn more about the four key findings in our life sciences research, our Cluster Composition Matrix and the geographic dynamics, download our 2022 Life Sciences Research Outlook: