Derivative advisory

Interest rate risk management structuring, documentation, and pricing expertise to drive solutions and efficiency for our clients

Who we are

  • We provide market participants with the most complete access to derivative products associated with hedging strategies to identify, measure and mitigate your real estate financing risk through bespoke technology and professional representation.
  • Through the acquisition of Kensington Capital Advisors (KCA), JLL Capital Markets holds a unique position in the marketplace as an interest rate derivative advisory firm with a team of experienced professionals.
  • Our unique behind-the-scenes understanding of the goals and pursuits of the financial institutions offering hedge products allows our clients to have the information necessary to negotiate contracts confidently in this market with any bank.
  • As an independent derivative advisory firm, KCA is not affiliated with any other firm offering banking, legal, defeasance or derivative products. To maintain independence and client focus, we have no provider relationships that could influence our judgment – we offer complete objectivity.

  • Kensington’s active bidding agent and valuation practice provides real-time insight into the capabilities of dealers and the requirements of lenders. This insight allows us to provide efficient and accurate indications of cost and execution pricing.

  • Advanced technology is one of our primary differentiators and we offer clients direct access to a market-leading platform solution to manage the detailed information and ongoing workflow related to projects, financing documents, hedge agreements and reporting requirements.

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Jim Moore

Global Head of Derivatives

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Head of Derivatives, Americas