Jones Lang LaSalle Securities, LLC Business Continuity Plan

The Company’s business consists of structuring and marketing private placements, investment banking, municipal advisory and municipal underwriting services. The Company does not hold customer accounts, customer funds or securities, nor does it engage a clearing firm perform such functions.

The plan considers a SBD to be any event, internally or externally, which disrupts or prevents the Company from utilizing its mission critical systems and/or performing its mission critical functions. An internal SBD disrupts or prevents only the Company’s ability to utilize its mission critical systems and/or perform its mission critical functions. An external SBD disrupts or prevents multiple firms and businesses from utilizing their mission critical systems and/or performing their mission critical functions. An external SBD can be local, regional, national, or global. Examples include fire, flooding, destruction from storms or other natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and terrorist attacks.

Company employees are provided with technology which enables them to access Company systems from remote locations. The Company’s parent organization maintains offices throughout the US and other countries which may be used as alternative locations for longer term situations. In the event of a SBD, the Firm will assess which means of communication are available to communicate with its clients, product sponsors, regulators, employees, and critical business constituents using the quickest means available.

The Chief Compliance Officer reviews the plan,including employee, vendor and customer contact data, on a routine basis to ensure that it is up to date. Changes to the plan are made as necessary. If you have any questions regarding our business continuity plan or seek additional information, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer at (312) 268-3650.