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Just like the workplace, decision makers are evolving. There are many
factors that influence an office and how it can be more than just a place
to work. As an expert in your field, you know the ins and outs of what
makes the workplace one that creates unique experiences, inspires innovation
and exceeds business goals. Discover how to truly solidify
your place at the table and shape the conversation.

Drive the conversation

Your workplace can be more than just an office. Learn how your expertise helps shape your space.
Human Resources

What’s an office without great people? As an HR professional, your focus is on fostering an employee experience that retains and attracts the best talent in your industry. How do you start to shape the environment for the people that matter most to a company?

IT & Innovation

Technology is changing the way organizations interact with their workspace. Finding and leveraging the right technology to track efficiencies can drive insights and innovation from employees. How can you ensure that your company’s real estate decisions are at the forefront of ever-changing technology?

CRE & Procurement

In a role that brings together data, information and strategy, you have to be aware of market conditions, your competition and your company’s goals in order to make decisions. When it comes to your real estate strategy, what information do you need in order to decide on your next and best move?

Employee experience

Decoding workplace experience

A unique global research project analyzing the human side of the office

Ambitions Achieved

Your office is one of the greatest tools for developing workplace culture and recruiting the people you need to succeed as a business. Learn how Microsoft shaped its Cambridge research lab to support its employee experience.

Innovative workspaces

It’s the workplace, but not as we know it

With technological advances, office buildings will become crucial to commercial success

Strategic partnership

Creating value with the workplace

Companies are investing heavily in workplace strategies which aim to better support employee performance

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