Employee story

“It's an interesting engineering problem, and I want to solve it”

For Luis Lara, being sustainable means doing more with less and improving upon what you are given.

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What drew you to sustainability?

When I discovered sustainability in the built environment, I knew that was the area I wanted to work in. What called to me was energy conservation. I like the science behind it. I like the technical aspects of it. It's an interesting engineering problem, and I want to solve it.

Why does sustainability matter to you?

Sustainability is about making sure that as we grow as a society, we do it in a way that is responsible and leaves the world is better for the people in the future. I don't want to just come in and do my thing and live my life, I also want to make sure that I'm leaving a good place for the people coming after me.

How are you making a difference in sustainability at JLL?

When we work with buildings, we're trying to increase their energy efficiency and by that, I mean we also want to reduce carbon emissions. So, we install efficient HVAC systems and we increase the performance of the building envelope. The idea is to use less energy to provide the same amount of comfort and help building occupiers best use the space. So, in that sense, we want to do more with less.

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