Employee story

“Your work matters and creates a positive impact in the world”


Jillian Burns joined the team to build a career in sustainability and make tomorrow a better place too.

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Why did you choose a career in sustainability?

I was inspired to choose a career in sustainability because I wanted purpose driven work. It feels a lot less like work and a lot more like passion when you get to wake up every day and your work matters and creates a positive impact in the world.

What does a sustainable future look like?

A sustainable future is something that I think about a lot. Of course, I want increased accountability, circularity, optimization of resource use. However, even more importantly, I just want my future children to not have to worry about their future children living safely on earth.

How are you helping to make real estate more sustainable?

We are doing a lot to make real estate more sustainable. We are helping one of the world's largest online retailers create their entire sustainability strategy. I also got to help a general contractor reimagine their snack bar into a health bar, positively impacting their employees’ health and wellness.

Why is it an exciting time to be in sustainability?

The world is finally starting to listen. Companies are starting to see the urgency around the climate crisis, and they're making commitments to reach net zero in the very near future, but they need our help to get there. So, our teams are growing fast, they’re working hard, and they’re super determined to help JLL reach our sustainability goals and help our clients reach their sustainability goals as well.

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