Your next office

How will flexibility, remote work, office layout, location and health and wellness play out in the future?

It seems like every day, some major company makes an announcement about their plans to return to the office, adopt hybrid working or stay remote for the foreseeable future. Yet, many companies are still very much in “wait and see” mode. But savvy business leaders know their employees want answers and the time is right to start taking action and communicate a longer-term strategy.

The right path forward will look different for every organization. This is—quite simply—uncharted territory. So how do you prepare for the future?

We’re answering the top five questions companies are asking as they prepare their office and employees for post-pandemic work.

  1. What’s the best workplace strategy for my company?
  2. What should my workplace look like now? 
  3. Where should my company locate its operations?
  4. What tools does my company need to succeed?
  5. What should I be doing right now to get started?
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