Improving workplace culture through real estate

JLL does real estate differently

By taking a holistic, human-first approach, the experts at JLL are able to go far beyond the typical transaction of merely identifying lease expirations and square footage needs. The commercial real estate brokers at JLL consider themselves business experts first, and real estate experts second. They believe that real estate should no longer be looked at from a cost perspective. Instead, it should be viewed as an asset to create more value for a company by motivating employees, increasing productivity, and attracting the best talent. This holistic approach to real estate takes factors such as amenities, brand image, and employee well-being into consideration.

While the typical real estate transaction may include pairing an organization’s needs with available spaces and facilitating a leasing agreement, these steps are only a fraction of the JLL process. The JLL approach is known as the “Workplace Transformation.” Here’s what it entails.

Step One: JLL’s expert consultants will execute an internal survey to assess leadership and employee needs (such as better amenities, or an improvement in culture,) a financial analysis, and an optimal location study. Then, JLL will develop a customized roadmap based on the results.

Step Two: JLL will pair your organization’s needs with available real estate options that fit within the above roadmap.

Step Three: Your JLL real estate consultant will provide a short list of locations and spaces and guide stakeholders through the leasing process.

Step Four: The JLL team will manage a customized build-out of your new space and the logistics of the move. This involves everything from sourcing work stations and designing conference rooms to choosing the right area rug.  

Step Five: JLL will measure and ensure the success of your new workplace strategy through post-occupancy surveying of leadership and employees

Other real estate companies encompass steps two and three in their process, but fall short when it comes to the rest. To learn more about the JLL Workplace Transformation service, contact a local Raleigh expert at JLL today.