The new JLL Raleigh office is all about the human experience

A people-first approach to building out an effective workspace

When the real estate experts in the JLL Raleigh office sit down with a client for the first time, their conversations go beyond square footage and lease expirations. For JLL, sourcing space and managing renovations involve factors that affect people above all else— factors such as the amenities that will retain and attract quality talent, what design elements will contribute to overall happiness, and the type of environment that will make visitors feel like guests. In early 2020, the time came for the JLL Raleigh team to find a new office space for their own growing office.

Creating a guest-like experience

The specific decisions that were made on the buildout of the new office start with the lobby area. Visitors and employees are able to experience the JLL brand while also feeling a sense of hospitality. The overall design of the office has very clean lines with sophisticated brand colors. A view of the outside world immediately greets guests through large, floor to ceiling windows and a map of the local area covers an entire wall, visible immediately upon entering the reception area.

Leveraging research

A JLL Research report states that greenery in an office space promotes a sense of calm in an otherwise busy environment. In the new Raleigh office, you’ll find a sprawling wall in the café covered in green moss. Similar studies show that most employees prefer to have options when it comes to their workspaces. The JLL Raleigh office allows employees to be at their best while they’re at work by providing them with multiple choices on how and where to get their work done. There are open collaborative spaces, focus rooms and multiple types of furniture styles. This allows people to relax, stand, or be in a more intimate setting.

Well-being should come first

Each and every decision that was made during the process of bringing this space to life was made with people in mind. When employees are fulfilled and their well-being is minded by their workplace, their engagement and performance increases as a result. To the experts at JLL, this is what matters most. A holistic, human approach to real estate will make a more efficient business, a healthier environment, and happier employees.