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With 15 months to complete a build to suit, growing technology company NETSCOUT looked to JLL to help them achieve this mission.

When it came time to make one of the most critical real estate decisions for their organization, Massachusetts-based technology company NETSCOUT was faced with a near impossible task. After recently acquiring a company in Plano, Texas and deciding to relocate to Allen, Texas, they had less than a year to complete a build to suit building, without a lease and without a design. What ensued was an aggressive 15-month timeline that delivered a historic project that met each of NETSCOUT’s needs.

As a leading national provider of application and network performance management products, NETSCOUT seeks to deliver unmatched service visibility to its consumers. This unmatched service extends to the workspace they aim to provide for their employees and which was top of mind for this project.

“I always knew a building could affect the morale and enthusiasm of a site, but I personally underestimated the degree it could impact and affect the workplace,” said Richard Kenedi, President of NETSCOUT’s New Markets. “I was asked what couple of things I wanted to get accomplished with this project, and one of the things I said was I wanted to get the buzz back.”

As a JLL client for the past three years, the partnership between the two organizations was already solidified, which greatly helped throughout this entire process. By working together with not only our Integrated Portfolio Services (IPS) team but also our local Project and Development Service (PDS) team in Texas, we were able to ensure a collaborative relationship with NETSCOUT from the start.

From labor analytic studies, to negotiating business economic incentives, to an elaborate site selection which included touring 27 locations in one day, our team worked endlessly to ensure NETSCOUT’s vision for their new site was never in jeopardy.

Central to that vision was NETSCOUT’s employees. Looking to unite a previously segregated office space, our PDS team worked side-by-side with key employees, vendors, developers, and NETSCOUT leadership to guarantee this “buzz” would be brought back into the workplace. With only an aggressive timeline to deliver on this vision, our team took extreme precaution to mitigate any potential risks at the onset of the project and streamlined the communication across all vendors to ensure efficiency. 

“There were really no hiccups on this project,” Project Manager Steven Jarvis explained. “We all understood we couldn’t take our foot off the gas. We constantly checked-in and received feedback from each person involved with this project so everyone was effectively on the same page throughout the entire process.”

That process included an extremely quick turnaround which when compared to a typical lease in Boston, was about 50-100% faster. “To put it into perspective,” explained IPS Lead Brendan Callahan, “18 months would have been aggressive for this type of assignment in the Boston market. From start to finish, this project was only 12 months from lease.”

In order to meet the tight deadline, our PDS team employed very detailed change management measures, and made sure every voice on the project was heard at every key decision.

“This project represents a true testament of strategic partnership,” said Steven Doben, Head of Real Estate and Facilities at NETSCOUT. “JLL is a strategic partner for NETSCOUT. If it wasn’t for this relationship and the services they provide, we would not have been successful.”

Check out this video to learn more about NETSCOUT’s new space and feel free to contact Brendan Callahan with any question you may have.

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