How to proactively manage changes to your life sciences facilities

Make proactive investment decisions and prioritize them appropriately to achieve the greatest ROI and avoid unexpected costs

You've heard it often: The only constant is change. This is especially true in the life sciences industry. Whether you're merging with or acquiring a competitor, or developing a new product, you need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of space, that it’s GxP compliant, and that it allows your R&D team to do their best work safely and effectively.

By integrating facilities management (FM) functions and vendors into a centralized team, typically in partnership with a real estate services provider, you can act early to ensure that expansion, decommissioning or any other changes to your laboratories and production facilities are completed on time, cost effectively and in compliance.

The following scenario illustrates how integrated facilities management differs from traditional FM or having no FM provider when it comes to facility expansion and change.

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