How to build a winning last-mile logistics strategy

Six team players who matter in your site selection process

Supply chain logistics is an intricate dance involving numerous players who must work together in perfect harmony to achieve success. Retailers, manufacturers, logistics teams, warehouse operators, and more all have a critical role, and every player must perform their role effectively to meet customer demand.

In this market, a single unforced error or lack of communication can throw off the entire game. But we’re guessing your business must find a way to deliver on time, every time. This means that corporate real estate (CRE) leaders need to engage the right corporate and external partners to execute a winning supply chain strategy. 

Partnering with an expert site selection, brokerage and project management services provider can ensure you have a superior strategy to fulfill last-mile demands—with proven processes and the latest technologies to help you make the best decisions and streamline transactions.

Who you’re putting on the field matters. A proactive plan will help you find a brighter way forward to unlock a sustainable and durable fulfillment strategy. 

We know the world of supply chain logistics is complex, so we’ve identified each position your company should have on the field—from supply chain experts to HR pros—to ensure success. If you want to score big and win the game, here’s where you start.

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