Does your employee talent strategy fit the hybrid era?

There’s a new employee value proposition in the workplace – and employers that embrace flexibility and work-life balance have the advantage

Despite economic uncertainty, the fight for quality talent continues. According to JLL research, more than 50% of office workers have left their jobs over the past three years. And more than 90% say they would consider changing jobs in the next 12 months.

To attract and retain talent in the hybrid era, many companies are doubling down on flexibility while also transforming their offices into places their employees want to visit. Why? Building meaningful connections with co-workers can help increase loyalty.

On the flips side, a recent report from JLL finds that “hyper-hybrid” workers, those working remotely three to four days a week, are the most likely to leave.

But can a well-designed workplace strategy also function as an effective employee retention strategy? Can offices that foster collaboration and promote employee wellness help meet productivity goals?

Find out in this episode of Building Places, as host James Cook speaks with JLL’s Flore Pradère, research director for Global Work Dynamics, and Amber Schiada, head of America’s Work Dynamics research, about today’s new employee value proposition.

“If you’re going to offer flexibility at the office, stand by it. That means improving the digital experience, so your onsite and offsite workers don’t feel disconnected.” – Amber Schiada, head of America’s Work Dynamics research, JLL.

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