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As we re-emerge from global pandemic restrictions, what are the global value trends for Shopping Centres?

Retail has experienced pivotal transformation over the last 18 months after continued pandemic restrictions across the world, particularly in shopping centre markets.

In 2021 as we are start to see the re-emergence of shopping centre markets and a return in physical retail trends due to vaccination rollouts, the question is - can we anticipate restrictions on future spikes?

JLL developed a global shopping centre value series which indexes value change over time by geographic region and category of scheme. This informs us of rental and capital value changes over time, so what do the numbers tell us so far? How far have values fallen from an investment and rental perspective? Another key question for owners, lenders and potential buyers of shopping centres – have we reached the bottom of the market?

In this global insights report we look at European markets and diverging views from the UK and continental Europe. We also take a view from Canada - a mature institutional shopping centre investment market; and we look at Asia Pacific as the first region impacted by COVID-19, to analyse learnings and trends that could potentially affect European and American markets.

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