Capitalizing on
the three P’s 

Process, procedures and people: Keeping safety and security at the center of your data center facilities

In today’s world, data centers are mission critical as digitization continues to grow at a fast rate. This means organizations everywhere are laser-focused on protecting and enhancing their most valuable asset: their data. That’s why having the right process, procedures and people in place will ensure your data centers are set up for success.

Across the spectrum of data center users—from cloud providers to colocation operators to large enterprises—JLL's renowned experience, exclusive data and technology tools support every aspect of operations including:

  • Portfolio strategy and site selection
  • Facilities management
  • Energy and sustainability programs
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management

Watch this 3-minute video as Eric Adrian, EVP, Director, Critical Environments, JLL and Scott Eckardt, Senior Director, Critical Environments, JLL dive into how their roles play a crucial part in helping our clients evolve their management, operations and most importantly, secure their data.

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