Building blocks to
modernize K-12

How innovative finance and delivery models, such as P3s, can help modernize K-12 schools

Each school day, dedicated teachers and administrators devote their energy to helping nearly 50 million K-12 students learn within the walls of U.S. public schools. Yet, many school districts are weighed down by aging and outdated school buildings that undermine their education mission. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional school budget processes and overwhelmed by a backlog of deferred maintenance, some districts are turning to innovative solutions to deliver on their infrastructure needs.

Half of the nation’s K-12 public schools are at least 50 years old. As our nation’s public-school infrastructure continues to age, and as our students continue to compete with those from education programs elsewhere in the world, school districts are struggling to provide adequate learning environments. The decaying state of K-12 infrastructure has been well documented through media stories about schools that, for instance, lack heat in the winter or are plagued by roaches, rats, mold and poor water quality.

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