5 opportunities for life sciences companies to redefine their workplace

How can biotech, pharma and medical device companies shape a sustainable, resilient and inclusive workplace?

The next few years represent a crucial window of opportunity for life sciences companies to redefine their workplace strategy and lay the groundwork for environments that boost business performance and accelerate innovation.

JLL’s recent Future of Work Survey found being responsible, future fit and resilient is key for life sciences companies embracing the future of work. And as companies evolve to best meet the needs of their employees, many expect to see a continued focus on key trends like prioritizing quality over expanding total footprint, hybrid patterns becoming the norm and an acceleration of investment in ESG. These trends provide life sciences companies the opportunity to look across their real estate portfolios and rethink their office spaces, invest in new technology and prioritize sustainability.

So, how can you transform your real estate portfolio into assets that boost scientific innovation and attract and retain talent?

In the following video Amber Schiada, Head of Americas Work Dynamics and Industry Research, shares five critical areas that life sciences organizations need to consider in order to shape a sustainable, resilient and inclusive workplace:

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