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JLL’s annual benchmarking reports uncover trends based on data from more than 100 organizations across the world. View and compare global and regional data on a wide range of workplace planning topics.

Your COVID-19: re-entry timing and work-from-home metrics report

Learn how organizations around the world are approaching re-entry, as well as trends around working from home. Additionally, get practical insights on strategies for re-activating your office space.

Benchmark your way to a smarter workplace

2020 occupancy benchmarking research reports provide invaluable insights to help you make more informed decisions.

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Occupancy planning metrics

Occupancy planning metrics report

Learn about the most important occupancy planning trends around vacancy, density, utilization and more. View regional and global data and see how your organization compares.

Space eligibility and standards

Space eligibility and standards report

Learn how organizations around the world determine who gets each type of workspace or office along with the average sizes of offices and workspaces by region and globally.

Space allocations and chargebacks

Space allocations and chargebacks report

Learn how organizations around the world are allocating different types of space along with the most popular methods of charging back to the business.

Demand forecast planning

Demand forecast planning report

Learn how organizations forecast demand for office space, and what reasons they give for doing so.


Coworking report

Learn about the pre-COVID coworking trends by region and globally, including most popular reasons for leveraging flexible space.


Mobility report

Learn about the pre-COVID mobility trends by region and globally, including percentages of employees in mobility programs.


Utilization report

Learn about average utilization rates regionally and globally, as well as the most important benefits and methods of tracking utilization, along with data privacy considerations.

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