Utilization intelligence

Drive employee engagement and productivity while reducing costs with a holistic utilization program that combines industry-leading technology and workplace expertise.

An end-to-end approach to utilization

The utilization challenge can’t be tackled with a one-off initiative. A holistic program that brings together data, analytics, insights, strategy, and execution into a single solution is the key to understanding your true utilization picture and solving for it. 

Access real-time space utilization data with the only tool that connects to any data source – like building systems, sensors, room booking systems, IT networks, and IWMS applications – and provides a true picture of your space utilization.

Utilization services

Implement utilization programs that assess your space use and optimize your portfolio and workplace experience. 

A talent-first approach to optimizing your space

Underutilization not only affects your portfolio, but also your greatest asset — your people. Watch this video to learn more.

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Maximize your space with a revolutionary utilization solution. Improve employee engagement, productivity, and cost savings with industry-leading technology and workplace expertise.