Earth Hour 2022

26 March, 8:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Why Earth Hour?

The office buildings in which we work. The restaurants where we dine. The schools where our children are educated. Our homes. The built environment accounts for 40% of the world’s global emissions. And if we don’t start doing something to reduce that, by 2050 the earth’s temperature is expected to rise by 3 degrees Celsius/37.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s why we’re going “all in” on Earth Hour, one of the world’s largest grassroots movements on behalf of the environment. The event on Saturday, March 26th, 2022, at 8:30 pm local time, serves to raise awareness and drive global action on climate change by encouraging millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories to switch off their lights to show support for our planet.

Across JLL, we’re leading the way with the more than 4.6B square feet of workplaces and properties we manage across the globe. It all starts with a single switch. We’re "walking the talk" by asking JLL-owned and -operated properties to join us in a show of solidarity for one hour to turn off the lights and turn up our efforts to make our planet healthier.

  • Lighting accounts for 15% of global electricity consumption and 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

  • More than 80% of the world lives under light-polluted skies. This number rises to more than 99% for Europe and the U.S.

  • A 2021 study from the University of Michigan found that by turning out half the lights in buildings during migration seasons, bird mortality could be reduced by 59%.

How to get involved

Buildings can be agents of environmental change. We participate in Earth Hour as a demonstration of our commitment to shape the future of real estate for a better world. But we need your help.

  • Commit to participating in Earth Hour 2022

  • Safely turn off non-essential lights in your building at 8:30 pm local time

  • Join us as we and millions of others call attention to how small changes can make a big impact on the future of our world

What happens after Earth Hour?

We all know that turning the lights out for one hour is just the beginning. To make true change, you must build a long-term strategy for energy efficiency and sustainability:

  • Use Earth Hour as a catalyst to reinforce or recommit your intention to reduce the use of energy for the greater good
  • Be intentional by including real estate in your sustainability strategy plans
  • Partner with experts that can help you strategize, begin and monitor your sustainability goals

Learn how to create a real estate specific sustainability strategy

Be a force for good, make energy and sustainability a top priority in words and action. Let’s start the conversation about your sustainability journey.


Let’s start the conversation about your sustainability journey.

Learn more about how we can support you with our Sustainable Strategies services.