JLL InSite

Combine both workplace planning and budgeting into a single solution—architect-ready, budget-realistic, code-compliant floorplans and test fits all developed around your unique workplace strategy.

Strategize, plan and build with unparalleled precision

Learn how a single tool combines programming, space calculations, 2D and 3D space plans, virtual walk-throughs and budgeting to inform the confident strategy you need.

Features & benefits

Designed for confidence

Accurate, code-compliant—and realistic—floorplans and test fits

Fast turnaround time

Programming information, test fits and basic cost estimates in just 1-5 days


In-house architects and interior designers

A team that delivers custom, code-compliant, 2D AutoCAD and 3D Revit floorplans and test fits

A variety of budgeting capabilities

Choices based on program, construction and market type


Industry-standard Revit software

These are tools accessible by every architect, without the limitations of competitive software

Tailored walk-throughs

Visualizations customized for your unique needs

Global experience applied to you

Harness expertise that encompasses the demands of virtually every industry and asset type.

4.5M s.f.

in test fits delivered for more than 200 clients last year alone


projects managed in a single year by 6,000 project managers globally


Programming information, test fits and basic cost estimates can be accomplished in approximately 1-5 days. Completing the 3D drawings and walk-throughs takes another 2-3 days.

While you can access our self-service, web-based space calculator tool, our on-demand occupancy planning, workplace strategy and project management experts do the space planning and testfitting work for you.

Leave all the heavy lifting to us – and we’ll provide code-compliant, reliable, accurate plans and test fits tailored to your needs.

JLL’s in-house architects and interior designers deliver code-compliant, 2D AutoCAD and 3D Revit floorplans and test fits that can be used by architects once the planning is complete.

This means you can shave off several weeks of design development by using these industry-standard drawing formats – and avoid costly redesigns when you build out your space.

JLL InSite uses true experts to create our test fits. Unlike computerized apps, we provide code-compliant egress plans, fire escapes, stairwells, restroom compliance and other standardizations you’d expect from an architect.

Our in-house research team and project managers—who oversee thousands of build-outs nationwide—compile market-by-market construction costs to develop comprehensive budget estimates.

That's why you can be confident that the estimated budget for your build-out and furnishing costs will be based on similar projects in your market.

JLL InSite plans for all space types, including office, retail, education, lab, industrial, healthcare, and more. As long as we have a floorplan to work with, we can plan your space.

You have complete flexibility to select the best approach for your workplace—traditional, moderate or progressive office space programming—and budgeting for base-, medium- and high-end construction costs, furniture and finishes. And with just a click, you can test multiple options before you decide.

JLL InSite can conduct test-fits and develop 2D and 3D walk-throughs anywhere in the world. Construction cost data is, however, currently only available for U.S. and Canadian markets.

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