Ryan Nunes

Ryan Nunes

Executive Vice President

Current Responsibilities

Ryan serves as part of JLL’s South Florida Leadership Committee with a commitment to helping grow JLL’s advisory practice throughout South Florida. In this capacity, he is focused on continuing to cultivate the JLL brand while advising corporate real estate users on best practices and strategies surrounding the optimization of their real estate footprint both financially and operationally.


Ryan has over a decade of experience advising corporate users ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to start-up enterprises and has experience executing complex transactions on a global basis. As part of this, Ryan has a breadth of experience in headquarters relocation assignments as well as the consolidation of multiple facilities as part of roll-up efforts following M&A activity.

Ryan has represented multiple Private Equity owned portfolio companies helping them develop and implement strategies surrounding minimizing the EBITDA impact of real estate holdings to maximize valuations based upon the target growth and/or disposition strategy of the client.

In addition, Ryan has extensive experience utilizing labor analytics in support of BPO organizations with a focus on minimizing the labor impact on the organization’s P&L while ensuring that the labor market skillset is a viable long-term solution for the organization’s needs.

Ryan has completed numerous mathematics based analytical projects, receiving awards from multiple institutions. He also holds a patent on a pseudo-random number generator, which utilizes an irrational number table interacting with a Fibonacci Series. The generator has broad applications in encryption and computer security. His strong mathematics background and proven track record of success gives him the ability to fully serve a client’s planning and analytical needs.


  • B.A. University of Pennsylvania