Kim Doyle

Kim Doyle

Senior Vice President, Brokerage

Kim knows what tenants want before they do. Through her active network of market contacts, including brokers, architects, furniture companies and other vendors, she stays in front of the latest advances in office design. Tenant rep brokers serve as Kim’s targeted focus group, offering feedback on client likes, dislikes and wish lists, which she conveys to ownership in verbal, visual and actionable detail.

When Kim engages an architect, she encourages blank-canvas, perfect world brainstorming sessions that foster freewheeling, innovative thinking.

“You have to put yourself in the mindset of the tenant. If not, who would have dreamed up roof decks a few years ago?” Kim says. With the menu of buildings in tenant demand now far broader than traditional steel and glass, she works with ownership to stay true to each property’s unique architecture with a “one size fits one,” value-add creative approach.

Once repositioning is complete, she initiates thoughtfully crafted marketing strategies to change a building’s image and tell a story that resonates with today’s Millennial-focused tenant base that makes work/life balance a priority. Hers is a total grassroots approach, reaching out to all levels of tenant rep brokers, since “you have make it onto the survey before you get a tour,” she says. Come closing time, Kim relies on her financial analysis background to put the building blocks of a transaction together, digging into the pros and cons for ownership and structuring deals that meet her landlords’ end strategies.