Joseph Brennan

Joseph Brennan

Executive Managing Director, Government Investor Services

Current responsibilities:

Joe provides leadership in strategy, tactics and implementation to JLL partners and clients in the complex world of Government real estate. The Government Investor Service (GIS) team is closely linked with the best-in-class JLL market research. Together, they provide economic forecasting and thought leadership to both clients and internal JLL partners. Joe’s seasoned navigation of the ever-changing people and policies of Government bureaucracy provides his clients a unique expertise that is leveraged across the entire JLL platform. Based in Washington, DC, the GIS team is in constant interaction with the critical members of the Executive and Legislative branches of Government that influence Federal real estate events that impact JLL clients across the nation.

The Federal Government is the largest single occupier of commercial office space in the nation; and the power of that tenancy has direct impact on investor real estate decisions in Leasing, Investment Sales and Finance. Many of the critical elements of a Government Lease, Sale or Financing are different than traditional transactions. This creates both unexpected risks and rewards when dealing with the value a government created cash flow stream provides. Joe and the GIS team are unmatched in their skill and track record in advising JLL clients on the nuances associated with completing successful transactions in the Government real estate arena.

GIS operates across the JLL global platform and is integrated with JLL partners worldwide. Combining the strengths of the unique GIS proficiencies and expertise, Joe and the GIS team provide real value to their clients in Government Leasing, Investment Sales and Structured Finance.

Recent Relevant Transactions:

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security | Washington, DC (500,000 sq ft), Atlanta, GA (92,000 sq ft), Northern Virginia, VA (75,000 sq ft)
  • U.S. Department of Interior | Lakewood, CO (210,000 sq ft)
  • U.S. Department of Education | Washington, DC (350,000 sq ft)
  • Central Intelligence Agency | Northern Virginia, VA (130,000 sq ft)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture | St Louis, MO (164,000 sq ft)
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission | Fort Worth, TX (40,000 sq ft)


  • U.S. Department of Defense | The Pentagon
    - Developed and implemented an immediate one million-square-foot relocation of Pentagon employees immediately following the September 11th terrorist attacks. Joe, along with two other colleagues, were officially recognized by the General Services Administration, the Department of Defense and the White House for their efforts.
  • U.S. Army
    - Advised the United States Army Corps of Engineers in the implementation of the National Enhanced Use Lease Program (EUL).
  • National GIS Practice | Expanded the National GIS Practice in Investment Sales, Structured Finance and Project Development Services.
  • JLL | Founding member of the Capital Market Government Solutions (CMGS).
  • GSA | Served on the initial National Broker Contract with GSA.

Education and previous experience:

  • Spaulding and Slye | Senior Vice President of Brokerage
  • The White House | Staff Assistant to the President, Office of Presidential Advance
  • Loyola University | Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Georgetown University | Sponsored the annual Brennan Lecture at the Kennedy School of Business Ethics for 15 years.