Anné Erickson

Anné Erickson


Current Responsibilities

Anné Erickson joined the JLL commercial real estate team in May 2017 after spending eight years overseas researching and analyzing emerging economies and real estate trends for investors.  She brings extensive experience in project management and business development.  She is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and specializes in commercial office tenant representation.  Anné's team at JLL is recognized as an innovative leader in tenant representation across Kansas City and has more than a half century of combined experience.


As a Kansas City native, Anné has assisted in several high profile regional projects such as sales adjacent to Logistics Park in Edgerton as well as lease and sales transactions involving prominent names such as Applebee's, Arby's and John Deere.

As well, she brings a wealth of international experience to her work in Kansas City.  She began her career in international media, reporting on foreign economies which would later transition to market research and analysis with a focus on real estate, construction and finance.  In all, Anné has managed projects internationally in Egypt, Thailand, India, Phillippines, South Africa, Malaysia, and Cypress.

Education and Affiliations

In 2009, Anné earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in journalism with minors in both business and Spanish from the University of Kansas.  She volunteers with various charities to support high-risk populations including refugees in Egypt, Philippines, and now in Kansas City.  She is a board member of the International Relations Council (IRC) in Kansas City and serves on the corporate membership committee.